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19 02, 2021

Covid-19 Field Hospital

2021-02-19T21:21:11+03:00Field Hospitals, Mobiles Hospitals|

Each year millions of people suffer from the damage brought by natural disasters and other humanitarian crises. When disasters strike, vital infrastructure necessary to respond to the disaster is often damaged or destroyed, including hospitals and healthcare centres. Then the deployment of field and mobile hospitals becomes number one priority of the immediate disaster response.

18 02, 2021

Bring health, joy and hope

2021-02-19T21:32:25+03:00Hospitales Moviles, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

Bring joy and hope to a society in need of health. When a crisis arises or communities need medical services, there is still a solution. Field hospitals are great for tackling the Covid 19 pandemic and countries where the contraction developed are in short supply. The World Health Organization gives the definition of a field